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In the infant room we enrich the life of babies with language. We listen, imitate and respond to the sounds they make, as these are the beginnings of their communication.  We provide many baby safe books to spark their interest in literature and the spoken world. We provide many tummy time opportunities without making it overwhelming for the babies. We encourage and assist with rolling over, sitting, crawling, standing, and walking. These milestones are accomplished through a wide variety of playful activities.  Music and finger play are part of the daily curriculum. Babies participate and are part of most activities with toddlers, like circle time and meals.



I mainly use Preschool Palace Curriculum Program as my lesson plan for children ages 2-5 along with supplemental activities and games. I love this program because each day strives to  promote each child’s cognitive, social, gross motor, fine motor, and other kindergarten readiness skills. In this curriculum, letters are not taught in ABC order. They are introduced in an order that allows children to make words with the letters learned. They are presented in the order suggested by Tim Seldin in "How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way." In addition, I use Morning Work Tubs from to incorporate math, vocabulary and science activities.  For toddlers and preschoolers we use Starfall and ABCmouse in the class room and our students get free access to ABCmouse at home in any device. 

Daily Schedule

6:00am    Greeting children (rest, nap, TV time)


7:30am    Wash hands, first serving breakfast (for children who arrive early)

7:50am    Free play

8:30am    Wash hands, second breakfast serving (for children who arrive after   



                 Free play

9:00am   Signing, tracing, counting and flash cards, morning work tubs

9:30am   Circle time


                Story time

                Stretching and movement time/dance party

10:30am  Transition time


                 Wash hands, snack & clean up

10:45am  Outdoor play (if weather permits)/ indoor active play

                 Transition time

11:15am   Activity time


12:15pm   Wash hands, get ready for lunch

12:30pm   Lunch & Social time

1:00pm    Teeth brushing, wash hands


                    Inside play for babies/ outdoor play for toddlers or indoor active play

1:30pm     Unwind, get ready for nap

2:00pm     Nap time

3:30pm     Quite time, coloring, Legos, reading or sensory play

​3:45pm     Snack Time

4:00pm     Pick up beds & clean up

4:30pm     Playdough, blocks or free play

5:00pm     Coloring, art time,


5:30pm    Get ready to go home

6:00pm     Good bye

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